Who are we ?

We are a cleaning company that stands out from the competition thanks to the quality of our technical follow-up. We listen to our clients, respond quickly, and above all we have been known for our quality service for over than 20 years.

Our clients have experienced - shown by their loyalty and trust - how sound our approach is. This enables us to go forward and evolve by improving, both on the technical and human relations levels.

Our company is different because we care for the needs of our clients and pay attention to their expectations. Our approach is very hands-on, using modern techniques and tools in a professional approach to the search for precision.

Our staff listens to all comments and deals with them in the shortest possible time.

They are always courteous and attentive, willing to listen to our clients.

In order to cover the whole Brussels region with the fastest possible response, we have distributed work sites to ensure good communications among our teams.

Each worker is allocated a certain number of sites that he/she will deal with personally. This means that it will always be the same contact person who will ensure the cleaning of your building, someone who understands your needs and wishes regarding the maintenance of your premises.

This allows us to develop a relationship of trust and proximity with our clients.